Interested in attracting more Clients & Customers to your listing, or business?
Today, over 90% visit on-line first.
Can you risk not investing a small part of your ad budget in immersive, high-quality media?

Affordable Real Estate Media offers:  3D / 360 Property Tours, Floor Plans, Virtual Reality (VR), HD / HDR / 4K Photography, Pole-Elevated & Drone Photography, Guided Walk-Through Videos, Google Street View (commercial), and much more.

We serve a wide range of consumer and business professionals:

  • * Real estate professionals, property & business owners *
  • ** Professionals in the architectural, engineering & construction (AEC) space **
  • *** Professionals in the insurance and disaster recovery space ***

Residential, Commercial, Venues & Hotspots, Hospitality, AirBnB

Denver & Colorado Springs Metro Area
Elsewhere upon request

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Primary Services Offered

HDR Still Photography:

Included in Pre-Made Packages
Still photos in multiple quantities as needed.  Standard feature in Pre-Made Packages, or in quantities you specify in DIY Packages, or add-ons:
> High-quality, professionally re-touched, wide-angle, HDR interior and exterior standard photos.

> Pull from 3D/360 tour camera panoramics, or shoot separately via DSLR, depending on preference and budget.
> Per-room, 360 degree panoramics


Floorplans:  2D & 3D:
2D Included in Pre-Made Packages
> 2D Floorplans include accurate dimensions, square footage and fixture/appliance detail.

> 3D Floorplans include same info as 2D, but include wall and some ceiling detail.
> They can include optional, virtual staging.


Immersive 3D-360 Tours:

Included in Pre-Made Packages
There is simply no better way to showcase your property than with an immersive 3D or 360 tour:
> Matterport Pro 2.  134MP panoramics; high-resolution and enhanced detail.
> Ricoh Theta Z1.  23MP panoramics; good quality in less time on site.
> Zillow 3D Home Tours.  A great add-on for any listing presentation.  Fewer features, but preferred treatment of your listing by Zillow.


Walk-Through Video:
Included in Pre-Made Packages
> Using the Matterport Pro 2 Camera, we can create a Slideshow or WalkThrough Guided Tour.
> Using the Ricoh Theta Z1 and the power of EyeSpy360, we can create a Guided Tour video using screen recording.
> Or, we can use a high-quality, 4K-capable DSLR to create your custom walk-through video.
> Optional picture-in-picture video narration, audio narration, or elevator music.
> Optional separate MP4 files for uploading to your YouTube or Vimeo account. 

Above Ground Exterior HDR Still Photos - up to 35' (no drone):

Included in Pre-Made Packages
> Using a 35' mast, we can make it appear we used a drone.
> Optimal, above-ground height is usually from 15' to 22'.  This height enhances perspective and field of view and removes typical blockages, such as landscaping on front and rear elevation shots.  
> More labor intensive, but no advance-notice approvals are required.


Aerial Drone Photography & Aerial Drone 4K Video:
> Aerial Still Photo package with up to 12 high-resolution, still photos.
> Aerial 4K Video up to 3 minutes
> Choose one or save and choose both.
> Due to ever-changing local ordinances and laws, limitations may apply.  As well, advance-notification of affected neighbors may be necessary, which could require longer lead times to completion.



All work orders include a FREE single-property website for 1st 4 Months, branded and unbranded.

Pick a Pre-Made Package, or Build Your Own.  Minimum work order amount is $230 per trip/location.

Work orders above $325 (Total Retail Value) will receive a 10% discount off the total.

Work orders above $500 (Total Retail Value) will receive a 20% discount off the total.

Refer a new Client, who becomes a Customer, and receive 10% off your next order.

Special Pricing is available for your team, brokerage, or frequent/bulk orders.  Minimum work order charge applies.  Let's Talk!

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Affordable Real Estate Media offers immersive media services for all real estate offerings and consumer businesses.

We started Affordable Real Estate Media in early 2019 to provide a full suite of high-quality, affordable real estate media services to show any listing or business to all buyers, tenants, or consumers, as if they were there.

Let's face it, still photography by itself is a good start and is included in our menu of services, but today's consumers require more, before they schedule a showing or decide to visit, especially millenials to age 35, a group represent nearly 40% of consumers.

With our immersive media services, not only will they see everything, but when they do decide to schedule a showing, or visit your establishment, they arrive to confirm what they already believe, which is they want your listing to become their next home, or to become your next paying Customer.

We offer pre-made, all-inclusive packages at prices that conform to any budget, property value, or venue.  Our goal is to expose your property or business to your target Customers and the entire marketplace in a fashion that promotes your offering and gains you a quick sale, lease, new Customer or Client.

To see a comprehensive rate sheet, visit our Service Menu.  Page 1, our current list of Pre-Made, All-Inclusive, Discounted Packages and Pricing, appears below:

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